Call for Papers: MADSEJ Volume 2, Issue 1 (October 2024)


Artificial Intelligence is penetrating our everyday lives. It has its pros and cons which are worth studying by African scholars worldwide. Hence this MADSEJ 's theme, The Interception of Artificial Intelligence in the African Humanities, investigates the African digital culture expressed in diverse African languages in Africa and across the globe to defend African humanness in all its forms and customs, especially among youth.

This issue will explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and African humanities, with a focus  on:

  • The role of computer-assisted mediation in African digital culture
  • The impact of AI on literary production and its acceptance in the digital realm
  • Algorithmic sociocultural practices
  • The use of language by African Gen Z on social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook

Other sub-thematic concerns related to the central theme can be submitted for review.


Sign up and submit your original articles via the website [ Click here]. Ensure your articles adhere to our policy, MLA 9th edition citation style, fonts, etc.


Deadline: 30th July 2024.