About the Journal

Journal Description

Multilingual African Digital Semiotics and E-lit Journal (MADSEJ) is a peer-reviewed multilingual scientific journal owned by African Electronic Literature Alliance & African Diasporic Electronic Literature (AELA & ADELI). It is a creative, theoretical, methodological, technical and open access journal. It publishes works twice in a year.

MADSEJ is created in 2022 to enable African electronic literary works and digital arts get wider critical readership and visibility in the virtual wold-Internet and Metaverse.

Aims, Objectives and  Scope

This journal concerns with publishing researches in  electronic and metaversal literature, digital culture, digital semiotics and other  Digital Humanities researches such as cultural analytics, text analytics etc.

Its aim is equally publishing e-literary works such as Twitterature, Facebookature, Youtubature, Instagramature, TikTokature, WhatsApperature, Mobile and video Games, Blogfanfic, immersive and metaversal storytelling etc.  

Instructions to researchers

  • All articles should have an abstract not more than 150 words. In a situation whereby the article is written in any official African language, the abstract should be either in French, in English or in Arabic vice versa.
  • All articles should not be more than 16 A4 size pages, including tables, graphs, reference or webography, if need be.
  • The presentation of the articles should be double line spacing, font: Times New Roman, font-size: 12 points.
  • All works cited are to comply with the latest MLA edition.
  • MADSEJ's board of editors would get to the researchers/artists within 20 working days from the day of submission.
  • MADSEJ uses Editorial Manager to peer review manuscript submissions. Please endeavour to read the guide for Editorial Manager authors before making a submission or email us. 
  • Please supply a short biographical note  no more than 150 words.

Instructions to Artists

  • All e-lit works should be written in simple programming languages such as JavaSCript, CSS HMTL, Imba, and Python. 
  • All immersive storytellings should be based and Smartphone compliant such as WebXR, AR poetry etc.
  • MADSEJ does not publish installable digital arts or e-lit.
  • MADSEJ uses email: madsej@africanelit.org for e-lit manuscript submissions. 
  • Artist statement should be written in any official African language and either French,  English or Arabic.
  • Please supply a short biographical note  no more than 150 words.

Peer Review Policy

All research articles, interactive digital arts and electronic literature published in this journal have undergone critical peer review, based on editorial screening  in accordance with the scope and aims of the journal and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees for articles and at least three referees for e-literary works.

Authorial Policy

  • Copyrights remain with the authors, who grant the journal the right of first publishing their submitted manuscripts. All materials published by MADSEJ is under an Attribution 4.0 International Creative Commons License which make them accessible to the public and  to be shared since authorship and first publication credits are cited.

  • The Attribution 4.0 International (Creative Commons) allows the copy and redistribution of the material in any medium or format, as well as its adaptation for any purpose, even commercially.

  • Authors are permitted to give contract for non-exclusive distribution of the version of their works published in MADSEJ. For example, distribution in an institutional repository or as a book chapter but the authors should give credit to MADSEJ as the first to publish the manuscripts as well as acknowledge MADSEJ.